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Charlie Evans
Dear Money Smart Week Partners,

Congratulations on another successful Money Smart Week. By offering educational activities and promoting the event, your involvement helped thousands of people across the U.S. learn to make more informed decisions about their personal finances.

Consider the numbers: 184,532 participants taking advantage of more than 4,800 events and activities in all 50 states. Statistics like these confirm the power of partnerships and grassroots networks where ideas, best practices and resources are shared.

Your combined efforts have created an inviting environment for people to take advantage of the many resources available to them. I thank you for everything you do to make Money Smart Week one of the most impactful financial education campaigns in the nation. Please enjoy this report showcasing best practices and highlights in 2015.

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Charles L. Evans
President & Chief Executive Officer
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
About Money Smart Week
What is Money Smart Week?

Money Smart Week® is a financial education campaign offering thousands of programs, classes and activities to consumers of all ages. These educational events are carried out by financial institutions, non-profit groups, government agencies, schools, libraries and more. The week showcases these organizations’ educational resources, strengthens private-public partnerships, engages the media, and connects community members with those who can help them learn how to better manage their money. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago coordinates the effort because individuals and communities benefit when consumers are making informed decisions about their personal finances.

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2015 Campaign Snapshot

Money Smart Week 2015 featured more than 4,500 events and registered partners as well as 184,532 consumer participants/attendees across the country. In the 14th year of the program, these numbers represent enormous growth from the inaugural campaign in 2002, which was limited to a city-based effort in Chicago including 40 events.

Much of the activity is concentrated in the Midwest where groups of partner organizations have formed planning teams throughout several states to concentrate event offerings and promotion to local residents. Using resources made available by the Chicago Fed and a campaign model as a guide, these local groups take a grass roots approach to bring Money Smart Week to their communities. Often rolled up into a larger statewide campaign, each planning team meets independently, determines the scope of their efforts, develops a communication plan and executes the events/activities. This type of hyper-local approach and ‘ownership’ of the campaign by the partners has proven highly effective. Currently, eighteen states have developed one or more (sometime up to a few dozen) planning teams under this model.

A major factor in contributing to the spread of Money Smart Week around the country has been national partnerships with the American Library Association, the Financial Planners Association, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and USDA Cooperative Extension. These groups encourage their members to participate and offer events during the scheduled week which led to activity in all 50 states. As members increase their participation and other national partnerships are formed, the goal will be to create a two-tiered structure where national partners and community based planning teams work together for more consistent partner involvement between states.

Money Smart Week is a registered service mark of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

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