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Media play a key role in the success of Money Smart Week. As a critical means of mass communication, media are engaged to help spread the word about the effort and the importance of financial education to their viewers, readers and listeners. Their involvement ranges from a single feature story to a whole week’s worth of coverage. In some cases, individual reporters and columnists with a passion for financial education serve as ambassadors and spokespersons through multiple media channels. Further, the changing media landscape and technology have given rise to social media which allows partners to communicate directly to their constituents providing an unparalleled grassroots approach to media.
  • Illinois Money Smart Week State Chair Karen Chan talks with local media at the Rockford, IL kickoff event.
  • Michigan Money Smart Week Stat Chair Kelly Masters speaks to local Michigan news outlets about upcoming Money Smart Week events.
  • A great visual and featured column in the Detroit Free Press.
  • Super-couponing expert Jill Cataldo shares Money Smart Week tips on saving money at the grocery store with Chicago Fox 32.
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