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Money Smart Week is measured in a variety of ways. The most common data sets captured year-to-year include the number of partners, events and attendance. As Money Smart Week grows, new partnerships are formed, state coalitions are built and consumers are offered a more diverse slate of programming. Surveys are also distributed and collected at events to capture demographics, marketing trends and program satisfaction. This section highlights Money Smart Week’s success and impact.
Growth & Concentration
Activity Map
Money Smart Week began in Chicago in 2002 as a city based campaign with 40 events. Other Midwestern cities in the Chicago Fed’s 7th District joined the effort in the years to follow with cities and states from across the country coming onboard in the last several years. This graph blends the concentration of partner and event totals in each state.
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Planning teams are regional/statewide groups of partners that focus on local activities and promotion. Standard teams include coalitions that operate under the Money Smart Week national brand while sister campaigns are early adaptors that modeled their campaigns after Money Smart Week before a national infrastructure was in place. National partners hold separate, individual events and activities in states without planning teams.
Consumer Surveys
Survey Graphs
Nearly 7,000 consumers nationwide completed short surveys to provide feedback on their Money Smart Week experience.
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